No Street Clothes or Jewelry
Hair should always be pulled back neatly in a tight Ponytail, Braid, or Bun

Mommy & Me (1.5-2 years old)

Our “Mommy & Me” program is a 45 minute class structured to stimulate coordination skills, listening skills, balance, music interpretation, creative movement and motor development in the youngest dancers, ages 1.5-2 years. This program is an excellent introduction to the world of dance. It is a fun and exciting class, but most importantly, a wonderful bonding experience for a Mother, Father, or a loving guarding and their tiny dancer! *Guardian will also participate in class with the dancer!*

CHILD ATTIRE: Any Leotard with shorts or One-Piece Biketard, Tan Tights, Slip-On Jazz Shoes

ADULT ATTIRE: T-Shirts, Black Dance Pants or Leggings & Sneakers

Rockin Tots (2-3 years old)

Our “Rockin Tots” program is a 45 minute class specifically designed for our youngest dancers. This introductory class is for children from the ages of 2-3. This class will give children the opportunity to explore very basic ballet steps, while also discovering music and rhythm. The class includes a wide variety of creative songs with the use of musical instruments and a LIVE GUITARIST to keep our Rockin Tots engaged at all times. These dancers will get a fundamental dance education through various fun and imaginative musical ways!

ATTIRE: Pink Leotard, Pink Tights & Pink Ballet Slippers

Tumbles of Fun (3-4 years old)

Our “Tumbles of Fun” program is a 45 minute class for ages 3-4, put together for those who are ready to learn to jump and  tumble! Dance is so much more than pointing your toes, leaping through the air, and turning in circles. It is being able to explore what your body can do with the music and space provided to you. This class will implement strength, flexibility, balance, and control of the muscles in fun and creative ways with the use of floor mats for extra safety precaution!

ATTIRE: Any Leotard, Footless tan Tights and/or Shorts, or a One-piece Biketard with black cassata sneakers

Twinkle Stars Pre K-I Combo (3 years old)

Our “Twinkle Stars” Pre K-1 Combo class is designed for age 3 children who will learn basic tap steps, ballet positions, and short, fun combinations. Young dancers start to develop coordination, musicality, balance, and self-esteem while learning to be part of a group. The class will involve exciting dance games, music, props, and stickers!

ATTIRE: Pink Leotard, Pink Tights & Pink Ballet Slippers

Fabulous Fours Pre K-II Combo (4 years old)

Our “Fabulous Fours” Pre K-II Combo class is designed for those students who have advanced to the next level! EXCITING! With the continuation of ballet, and tap, this class will also begin to incorporate jazz, hip hop, and maybe even a little acro! This class is for our age 4 children who will learn the next step up continuing to introduce fun, creative movement & basic dance steps through the use of music and props. These young dancers are continuing to grow in their coordination, musicality, balance, and self-esteem, and team work.

ATTIRE: Pink Leotard, Pink Tights & Pink Ballet Slippers


This hour long class is for the ages 7-9. These students will learn how to express their sassy and fierce side, but also be able to switch to expressing their more vulnerable, soft side with music, creativity, imagination, and true inner emotion. Jazz and lyrical are two styles that were created with the fundamental technique of ballet.

ATTIRE - Any Color Leotard with Optionals Shorts, or a Form Fitting Shirt/Tank with Shorts, Nude Footless or Stirrup Tights with 1/2 Shoe Turners or Slip-On Jazz Shoe.

Hip Hop/Acro

This hour long upbeat combo class combines all the contortions and tumbling elements of Acrobatics with the hip, rhythmic beats and current style of Hip Hop that kids have come to love and enjoy. This class is assisted by TWO certified instructors for spotting tricks, with the usage of floor mats for extra safety precaution. BDA students will benefit from this challenging yet rewarding class.

ATTIRE: Any Color Leotard or One Piece Biketard (No Loose Clothes) Nude Footless Tights or Shorts, black cassata sneakers


Ballet/Tap/Jazz class focuses on getting students ready to transition from combination type classes to full hour classes in one specific style of dance. Ballet class will include more challenging barre exercises while emphasizing basic terminology. The tap portion of the class will concentrate on developing intricate patterns and rhythms, while the jazz portion of class will begin to develop student's flexibility and balance skills. By combining these 3 classes the students will get a true understanding of the difference in the dance styles as well as being able to determine which style is truly for them. Who knows, all 3 could be their forte!

ATTIRE: Pink Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers & Tan Tap Shoes

Hip Hop

This popular, hip style of dance was developed in the 1970’s, referring to street-dance styles primarily performed to the Hip Hop genre of music. This hour long class includes a wide range of styles including, but not limited to breaking, locking, popping, & tutting. It is a culture unto itself that takes our dancers on a challenging journey to articulate movements in many ways whether it be fluid or hard-hitting. You won’t want you child to miss out on taking one of the most popular style of dance ever invented.  

ATTIRE: Any Color T-Shirt, Black Leggings, Sweatpants or Shorts & Black Cassata Sneaker (No Loose Clothes)


This class focuses on conveying musicality and emotion through movement. This class will give the student the ability to express their emotions through movement while fusing the highly technical elements of ballet and jazz. With this class you are able to tell a beautiful story while expressing your vulnerable side of the self.

ATTIRE - Any Color Leotard with Optionals Shorts, or a Form Fitting Shirt/Tank with Shorts, Nude Footless or Stirrup Tights with 1/2 Shoe Turners or barefoot.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. This style often uses gestural and pedestrian components to build choreography, relationship and story. Classes will include center work, across the floor and choreography. Dancers will be challenged to emotionally connect with movement/story. This is a very emotional style of dance, and very popular style in this day and age.

ATTIRE - Any Color Leotard with Optionals Shorts, or a Form Fitting Shirt/Tank with Shorts, Nude Footless or Stirrup Tights with 1/2 Shoe Turners or barefoot.


Jazz Dance focuses on developing strength, flexibility, and body control by using center warm-ups and across the floor exercises.  Skills such as isolations, extensions, leaps and turns, and improving performance quality are incorporated into upbeat, fast, and fun combinations to challenge our dancers. It allows the student to express their fierce, sassy, and exciting side of the self.

ATTIRE - Any Color Leotard with Optional Shorts, or a Form Fitting Shirt/Tank with Shorts or leggings, Nude Footless or Stirrup Tights with Tan Slip-on Jazz Shoes (or Black depending on instructor)

Acting/Improv Tech.

It is natural for any dancer or actor to forget a dance move, a line during a scene, or song lyrics. When going on auditions, the judges may ask you to perform a scene on the spot. In this acting/improvisation technique class, students will learn the technique of how to perform on the spot in scenes that are unplanned and unscripted. It will be a confidence booster and make your child fearless so that when they go on the stage they will continue with confidence and stage presence the whole way through no matter what happens.

ATTIRE -T-Shirts with Shorts or Dance Pants, with Sneakers


Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and will maximize technique and longevity in a career of dance. It provides grace, poise, and technique needed to be proficient in all other areas of dance. Ballet classes will help dancers with posture, flexibility, fitness, balance, self-discipline, and self-confidence. Students will build off of the five positions, master plié variations and tendus, among other level-appropriate skills. Dancers will use both barre and centre floor. Classes will be split by age and technique level, when appropriate.

ATTIRE - Black Leotard, Pink or Tan Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers. Dance Skirt or Bare Leotard. (NO SHORTS OR PANTS) Hair Secured In a Bun or Tight Braid.


In this class, students will transition from Ballet slippers to Pointe shoes. This class will help dancers progress in leg and foot strength, balance, and clean and steady execution of exercises learned in Ballet class. Pointe will include exercises at the barre and in centre. Focus will be on learning to smoothly transition Pointe steps to form combinations, to continue to improve strength, and develop skills in executing more difficult movements. In order to take Pointe, students must attend at least 1-2 ballet classes per week. Prerequisite: Ballet Class & Approval from Ballet Instructor

ATTIRE- Black Leotard, Pink or Tan Tights, Pink Ballet Slippers. Dance Skirt or Bare Leotard. Hair Secured In a Bun or Tight Braid.

Acro/Pom/Hip Hop

This combination dance class will incorporate acrobatic technique, high energy combinations and warm-ups of hip hop, and precise, sharp movements of pom. This class is defined by its athletic character and unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance, cheer and acrobatics. Mats will be provided for the safety of the dancers when learning acrobatic ticks.

ATTIRE: Any Color Leotard or One-Piece Biketard (No Loose Clothes) Nude Footless Tights or Shorts, white keds

Acro/Tumbling Tech.

Learn the basics or work on advancing your skills in this flexible Acro class! Acro is not the typical tumbling or gymnastics class. You will be guided by experienced instructors that lead the class to help increase flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline, and concentration. This class will focus on fundamental acrobatic techniques teaching such skills as handstands, chin stands, elbow stands, cartwheels, back bends, walkovers, balance and contortion tricks. Mats will be provided for the safety of the dancers when learning acrobatic ticks.

ATTIRE: Any Color Leotard with Shorts or Biketard, Nude Footless Tights, Barefoot. (No Loose Clothes)

Turns, Leaps & Jumps Tech.

This class is a special class offered to our company members to help them work on these often challenging areas of dance that are largely critiqued. These are such major aspects of what makes a dancer a competitive, technical dancer. Class will be designed to help each dancer identify and work on specific techniques and skills needed to improve their understanding and performance of these specific moves. This class will be filled with motivation, determination, and encouragement to get our dancers to reach their goals. This class does not include a performance piece in the end of the year recital.

ATTIRE: Any Color Leotard, Nude Footless/Stirrup Tights and Shorts, with 1/2 Shoe Turners. (No Loose Clothes)

Conditioning/Strength/Flexibility & Performance Tech.

This hour long class is designed to improve a dancer's range of motion, enhance muscle flexibility, and increase their level of core muscle strength. Dancers need an incredible amount of muscle in order to balance, leap high, execute tricks, kick all the way up to their noses, and so much more. Through a variety of stretches and strengthening exercises, dancers will also increase their awareness of their own body's potential as it connects to expression through movement. This class does not include a performance piece in the end of the year recital.

ATTIRE: Any Color Leotard, Nude Footless/Stirrup Tights and Shorts, Barefoot. (No Loose Clothes)

Special Needs

Does your special needs child or adult love to dance?! This class is offered for students with Down Syndrome, Autism and other developmental disabilities. This class will help improve motor skills, confidence, and socialization. Most importantly, it will put the biggest smile on their face! Dance is such an effective technique that can be used to reach out to students with special needs and give them a new way of understanding what they are capable of because it is nonverbal. This class will help students gain balance, express emotion, gain muscle control, and work through traumas. Through the use of simple patterns, sequencing, and repetition, students will learn the basics of movement and rhythm, as well as reinforcing and practicing basic academic skills. This class will incorporate props like rubber floor spots, bubbles, scarves, and so much more!

ATTIRE: T-Shirt and Gym Pants, Dance Pants or Leggings & Supportive Sneakers or Slip-On Jazz Shorts


Tap Dance is a timeless art that combines dance and percussion. It is a form of dance that focuses on creating rhythms patterns by striking different parts of the foot on the floor. Our tap classes focus on rhythmic patterns using all different types of music. Class will begin with warm up exercises in the center, followed by across the floor exercises that teach dynamics, shading, phrasing, and musicality, concluding with short combinations that will combine the steps from the beginning warmups. The goal is to develop tap dancers that are equally strong musicians, dancers, and performers.  

ATTIRE: Black Leotard, Shorts or Black Dance Pants or Leggings & Black Lace-up Tap Shoes


This class is for those who love to dance, but want to add extra push to the moves to help tone and define their muscles. Working out is not for everyone so Zumba is the perfect alternative! Zumba is a calorie-burning dance fitness party that is an exercise in disguise. You will leave this class feeling fit, fabulous, and energized! This class does not include a performance piece in the end of the year recital.

ATTIRE: T-Shirt, Shorts or Black Dance Pants or Leggings & Supportive Sneakers

Musical Theater Dance

This class is a theatrical dance style that includes dance technique and acting to songs from broadway musicals. Musical Theatre consists of monologues, skits, acting, commercials, improvisation, and Broadway style dance. The best part is when the students have fun interacting with each other and seeking reactions from their fellow peers. Musical theater will begin with a center warm-up and continue with learning the repertoire of Broadway showtunes.

ATTIRE: T-Shirt, Black Leggings & Tan Jazz Shoes

Dancing to Musicals

Dancing to Musicals is a class designed for those who love theatrical broadway tunes! This class will begin with a center warm-up, across the floor work, and small combinations all to broadway showtunes! This class is devoted to the enjoyment of musical theatre and an appreciation for Broadway musical productions.

ATTIRE: T-Shirt, Black Leggings & Tan Jazz Shoes

All Boys Hip Hop

Boy’s hip hop is an all boys class for the very active young man who loves to move and shake to the most upbeat songs of Pop and Hip Hop. This class begins with a warm up that will focus on stance, sloped posture, an expressive demeanor, and strong footwork. There are many different styles of hip hop that will be incorporated into this class.

ATTIRE: T-Shirt, Gym Shorts or Sweatpants & Black & White Converse Sneakers

Boys Break

If you want to learn to rock like a B-boy then this class is for you! B-Boys break dancing class includes Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Boogying, and Breakdancing. This class incorporates intricate body movements, strong acrobatic moves, coordination, style, spontaneity, and fashion. The dancers will have moments to battle one another improvising with the moves taught to them throughout the year. This class is physically challenging and will help to develop new strength, flexibility and coordination. Most importantly, you'll gain skills that you've always wanted, in a welcoming environment while having a ton of fun.

ATTIRE: T-Shirt, Sweatpants & Black & White Converse Sneakers

Musical Theater/Pop Star Glee

ATTIRE: T-Shirt, Black Leggings & Tan Jazz Shoes

Intro to Vocal/Acting

ATTIRE: T-Shirt, Black Pants & Sneakers

Musical Theater

Musical Theater incorporates elements of dance, acting/self expression, voice, and performing techniques. Props will be used to enhance students performance and perform not only with themself, but with their surroundings. These students will learn repertoire from Broadway musicals with a positive and encouraging atmosphere, allowing them to truly branch out of their shell. Learn what it’s like to be a Broadway star and become a “triple threat” in the world of entertainment!

ATTIRE: T-Shirt, Black Leggings & Tan Jazz Shoes

Princess Musical Theater

ATTIRE: T-Shirt, Black Leggings & Tan Jazz Shoes


Hi Christine..... Congratulations!!! Yesterday's shows were amazing!!!! Everyone did great!!! Loved the teachers dance and watching you and Alycia dance it was very moving.   You and your staff did a great job!!!



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