Theatrical Stars Program (Glee & Musical Theatre)

Musical Theater/Pop Star Glee

Warm up those jazzy voices and get ready to learn to sing and dance in a ‘show choir’ style class. Whether your child has always had the dream of being a pop star, or can’t stop tapping his or her feet to the beat of the music, this is the perfect class to build confidence and those necessary performance skills. Students will be taught proper vocal technique, harmonization, and individual and group dynamics. They’ll combine their strong vocals with simple, stylized choreography for a fun and energetic performance at the end of the year recital. Participating in Glee club gives aspiring singers and performers the opportunities to develop stage presence, leadership and interpersonal skills. This class is a fun, energetic, and exciting opportunity for your child to discover their inner pop star!

ATTIRE: T-Shirt, Black Leggings & Tan Jazz Shoes

Intro to Vocal/Acting

In this beginner class, students will discover the realization that their voice is an instrument. They will begin to recognize that their emotions and imagination can be expressed in so many ways. Students will begin to develop basic vocal technique to develop their voice and stage presence that can be clearly understood and physically grounded in the body and mind. These students will learn the basic skills for building self-awareness, concentration, recognizing their emotional truth, learn the actor’s vocabulary, and be taught to demonstrate the ability to be honest and committed in their acting. They will learn proper acting etiquette when in the classroom and on stage. A short performance will be performed at the end of the year recital.

ATTIRE: T-Shirt, Black Pants & Sneakers or Tan Jazz shoes (Instructor will specify)

Musical Theater

Musical Theater incorporates elements of dance, acting/self expression, voice, and performing techniques. Props will be used to enhance students performance and perform not only with themself, but with their surroundings. These students will learn repertoire from Broadway musicals with a positive and encouraging atmosphere, allowing them to truly branch out of their shell. Learn what it’s like to be a Broadway star and become a “triple threat” in the world of entertainment!

ATTIRE: T-Shirt, Black Leggings & Tan Jazz Shoes

Princess Musical Theater

Be swept away on this Fairytale Adventure in our Princess Musical Theatre Class.This class will include a variety of dance classes, movement games, vocal music classes, and crafts used with only everyone’s favorite Princess soundtracks! While enhancing their performance skills with their voice, acting, and body movement, they will be able to bring their imaginations and most desired dreams of being a beautiful elegant princess to life! A short magical piece will be performed at the end of the year recital.

ATTIRE: T-Shirt, Black Leggings & Tan Jazz Shoes


I wanted to thank you for the entertainment this past weekend at the West Babylon HS.  My son Matthew Mattina really enjoyed himself and that means the world to me and his Mom.    Again thank you for your energy and devotion to youth arts.

Kind regards,


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