Beginner Broadway Stars Program

Mommy & Me (1.5-2 years old)

Our “Mommy & Me” program is a 45 minute class structured to stimulate coordination skills, listening skills, balance, music interpretation, creative movement and motor development in the youngest dancers, ages 1.5-2 years. This program is an excellent introduction to the world of dance. It is a fun and exciting class, but most importantly, a wonderful bonding experience for a Mother, Father, or a loving guarding and their tiny dancer! *Guardian will also participate in class with the dancer!*

CHILD ATTIRE: Any Leotard with shorts or One-Piece Biketard, Tan Tights, Slip-On Jazz Shoes

ADULT ATTIRE: T-Shirts, Black Dance Pants or Leggings & Sneakers

Rockin Tots (2-3 years old)

Our “Rockin Tots” program is a 45 minute class specifically designed for our youngest dancers. This introductory class is for children from the ages of 2-3. This class will give children the opportunity to explore very basic ballet steps, while also discovering music and rhythm. The class includes a wide variety of creative songs with the use of musical instruments and a LIVE GUITARIST to keep our Rockin Tots engaged at all times. These dancers will get a fundamental dance education through various fun and imaginative musical ways!

ATTIRE: Pink Leotard, Pink Tights & Pink Ballet Slippers

Tumbles of Fun (3-4 years old)

Our “Tumbles of Fun” program is a 45 minute class for ages 3-4, put together for those who are ready to learn to jump and  tumble! Dance is so much more than pointing your toes, leaping through the air, and turning in circles. It is being able to explore what your body can do with the music and space provided to you. This class will implement strength, flexibility, balance, and control of the muscles in fun and creative ways with the use of floor mats for extra safety precaution!

ATTIRE: T-shirt, Shorts or Sweatpants & Sneakers

Twinkle Stars Pre K-I Combo (3 years old)

Our “Twinkle Stars” Pre K-1 Combo class is designed for age 3 children who will learn basic tap steps, ballet positions, and short, fun combinations. Young dancers start to develop coordination, musicality, balance, and self-esteem while learning to be part of a group. The class will involve exciting dance games, music, props, and stickers!

ATTIRE: Pink Leotard, Pink Tights & Pink Ballet Slippers

Fabulous Fours Pre K-II Combo (4 years old)

Our “Fabulous Fours” Pre K-II Combo class is designed for those students who have advanced to the next level! EXCITING! With the continuation of ballet, and tap, this class will also begin to incorporate jazz, hip hop, and maybe even a little acro! This class is for our age 4 children who will learn the next step up continuing to introduce fun, creative movement & basic dance steps through the use of music and props. These young dancers are continuing to grow in their coordination, musicality, balance, and self-esteem, and team work.

ATTIRE: Pink Leotard, Pink Tights & Pink Ballet Slippers


Hi Miss Christine,

As a parent, I just want to say THANK YOU!!  Once again, you and your staff were wonderful!  It was a great (and exhausting) weekend. Production was so impressive...beautiful!!!

Thanks for all you do,


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