COVID-19 Policy Statement 2021-2022 Season

Hello Everyone, 

In the wake of this pandemic, we would like to provide a space to keep updated when it comes to BDA and the Covid-19 virus. 

Important Information regarding Covid-19
 We will continue to follow the NYS Guidelines for children and strictly follow all CDC and OSHA guidelines, we are doing all we can to keep our students and staff safe.

Prevention Steps in the Studio:
  • Masks / face coverings will be worn by all vaccinated & unvaccinated staff members.
  •  Face Coverings will be necessary for students not eligible for the COVID vaccine and also for the students who are unvaccinated. This includes Preschool, combo class, and 11 years old & under children.  
  •  Masks will be strongly recommended for vaccinated students.
  • Students, Parents and Staff members should not come to the studio if they are feeling sick and are encouraged to take class virtually until feeling well.
  • Parents of students and Staff members must report to us if they have tested positive for Covid 19 or have been in contact with a person who has tested positive.
  • If students have been contacted and told to quarantine from school, they must also quarantine from the studio until the date given.
  • Students and staff will not be permitted back into the studio until it is safe for them to do so. If exposed, or sick we will require the student to participate virtually for the amount of time deemed necessary to quarantine by the CDC & NYS and proof of a negative test (on day 5)  if the student will not be in quarantine for the full 10 days.
  • We have 6 touchless Hand-sanitizing units installed throughout the building and in each classroom.
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting supplies are available in each classroom and available to staff or students.
  • Common areas & restrooms  will be wiped down.  Students will be reminded to wash their hands and must use the hand sanitizing station before re-entering the classroom.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the studio except water bottles. You may purchase snacks, but must eat them outside.
  • Each studio has its own entrance which is listed on the front three doors of the studio.  Studio 1, 2 , 3 &  Vocal room.
  • Our Lobby will remain temporarily closed for observation or waiting.  The desk will be available for any necessary in-person transactions during Mon.-Thurs. 4-7:30pm daily  Friday 4-6:30pm  Sat. 9:30-12:30pm. 
  • Handwashing: We encourage frequent hand washing (for at least 20 seconds before rinsing).
  • Discouraging close contact: We have adjusted certain aspects of our classes to ensure students are not in too close of proximity. We will not be giving hugs or hi-fives and are asking students to skip those as well.
  • Surface Cleaning: Every hour we are wiping down frequently touched surfaces and equipment.
  • Deep Cleaning: Each weekend we are deep cleaning the studio.
  • BDA has been equipped with HEPA Filters in each room.
How you can help:
  • All Classes are available to be streamed on Zoom  when your child is home sick or not able to attend in person. Please inform us when your child is home and would like to zoom.
  • Don’t bring toys from home.
  • Don’t send your child to the studio sick or if a family member is sick.
  • Children missing a class due to illness will be granted a make-up session.
  • Don’t break any formal quarantine/government restrictions.
  • Encourage your child to cough and sneeze into their arm, not in their hand.
  • Alert us if your child does have COVID-19 and has been to the studio within the last 14 days so we can contact their peers.
Each student will have their own space and hook in the classroom for their bag and jackets
Mask breaks are permitted in the lobby for anyone who needs one.
If your child is ill and possibly contagious they should stay at home and take class virtually if they feel up to it.
If a person in your family has been told to quarantine or tests positive for the CoronaVirus you must notify the studio and follow the CDC guidelines for returning to class. Privacy will be protected but the class will be notified if they were exposed.

 We have three entrance doors and will have a sign hanging on each door with the classes for that day. 
When dropping off your child for class, please drop off at the front of the studio at the door across from the room where their class will be held. 
Please have your child find the class assigned marked on one of the front BDA doors.

PICK UP: Classes are 55 minute classes  to clean in between.
Each teacher will escort your child to the front doors and dismiss your child when you are present. . Classes will be let out 5 minutes early, to allow for social distancing and time to disinfect the rooms and floors before the next class. Please pick up your child on time to ensure everything runs smoothly.   To have your child in a safe, clean environment, the classes are let out 10 min prior.   

At BDA I will take care each day to keep the faculty and students healthy and safe in our studio including best practises for hygiene and wellness.
The following child-friendly communication about keeping everyone healthy in our community has been posted in each studio, as well as the lobby and bathrooms. Additional studio cleanings and disinfecting rotations have been implemented immediately as well.  
BDA is committed to continuing to play a proactive role to support and encourage community health, especially for our kids and faculty.  

I would like to reassure you that we are adhering to the guidelines as the health and well being of our students, their families, and our staff are our top priority. We will continue to monitor and implement the local, state, and federal recommendations as they’re announced. I take pride in our facility and how it operates and would like to highlight the policies we have in place at the studio to help our dance families stay healthy and safe.The well being of our students and families is a top priority! Please know that we are here to address any concerns or issues, and are happy to hear from you on additional ways we can keep our community healthy!

Thank you!
~Miss Christine & BDA Staff

If you follow these links you can stay up to date with the Covid-19 virus:


Congrats to Miss Christine and BDA!
What a great recital.  Thank you for teaching Briana N (Tiki Room-Sat 10:30am) another year of dance.  It was a great success and a beautiful show.

~Rosa N.

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